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Year of Starts: the preparation.

Melissa writes:

Yes, a whole year of starts! Or rather, as I was late to the game, a latter half of the year, year of starts. Those who have read my blog posts in the past will realise that cross stitching is my absolute favourite thing, and I have taken it to a whole new level recently. In May I joined a cross stitch Facebook group called Stitch Maynia, and they have a huge range of SALs (Stitch ALongs). One is (unsurprisingly) called the Year of Starts. There are a couple of crazy stitchers who have started a new piece EVERY day of this year, but I have gone for one a week from the middle of May until the end of December. I spent a fair bit of time making up some pretty basic project bags, a small selection you will see below. They are great for showing off the fabric (the lovely cotton we sell at work, which I now find irresistible!), and provide a clean home for my future cross stitch projects to live.

20160624_230327 20160624_230357 20160624_230412 20160624_230423 20160706_213930 20160706_214024

As I never seem to do things by halves (because, what is the point of that?), I also went a little bit mad making a whole series of needleminders too. I use at least two on each project: to hold up excess fabric; my embroidery scissors; needle threader; pre-threaded needles; and of course, the needle I stitch with. I chopped up an old calendar to make the first 25 in the photo below, some are made from buttons (my own stash, and some new ones from the shop), some are upcycled jewellery, some paua pieces and some are foreign currency. Now I get to enjoy all of these fun things more often, and more importantly, they are functional! I used Mod Podge to glue and seal the calendar snippets, and E6000 for gluing all of the magnets. E6000 is stinky, so you have to use it in a ventilated area, but it is the only thing that works on the neodynium magnets we have, which are super strong, and hold the layers of fabric together with ease! There are quite a few more which I have made, which are already in use, and they are slowly disappearing from my fridge as I start more projects!


More to come soon, where you will actually see some cross stitching… I promise!



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