Upcycling old furniture using Vintage Decor Paint

Maryanne writes:

We’ve had this oak washstand forever. It has no back in it and has been sitting around the shop being used as a general bit of surface, so I pounced on the chance to play with these new products.

I  used Martha Stewart’s Vintage Decor paint in the colour Antique Sky, which is actually green(?!). But after two coats I didn’t like it, and decided to paint it white instead, with the green being the colour you see showing through after the distressing.

(Hmm, action painting shots don’t work so well!)

 Two coats of Wedding Cake (white in Marthaspeak) later and we look like this. The colour isn’t really white, because in spite of four coats, the oak darkens it to an aged linen colour which I LOVE. Phew.

(the door and panels have only one coat as they are about to get fiddled with)

 I hate sand paper, so I did as little distressing as I could. Really just on the hard edges, but oh I love it. The green is very subtle and the oak peeks through, er distressingly?

Don’t cry little stand, you may be distressed but we love you!

 Now wanting to make the inside more interesting, I reached for one of the cheapest and most glamorous things in the shop – patterned tissue. That toile du jouy to be precise, trying to hide behind the blue bunting.

 A liberal sponging of Mod Podge later…


…and a smoothing on of the tissue which has been cut to size.

I put three coats of Mod Podge over the tissue, leaving it about an hour to dry each time, and now it is nice and smooth and wear resistant.

Then the front panel got two coats of Martha Stewart’s Chalk board paint in Gray, and everywhere else got a coat of MS Vintage Clear Wax.

Here she is! The cabinet has no back in it, so you get a bonus view of David in his peacock shirt, hanging bunting.

This is the front. I think I am ever so clever combining the chalk board paint with the chance to write about my project on the front. But also, the Gray which is really  a delicious taupe colour, makes an interesting addition to the cabinet. It would be great for a kitchen play cupboard for the kids, for example, or a shopping list.

There’s really no end to what you can do with these paints – there are so many colour combos I would like to try.This project used so little paint, I’ve already started another project that I will be writing about as soon as some of the extra bits have arrived.

But I think I need to go op shopping…


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  1. Sandra J

    You are ever so creative – what a great job! I agree the white looks much better than the green.

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