A footstool revamp for the New Year

I bought this gorgeous oak footstool a couple of years ago in a junk shop in Taihape. Sadly the beautifully executed tapestry top was so badly faded, there was no hope for it. And it was high time I did something with it.

Its original magnificence -mine for $23.

 The components. 

 A close up of the fascinating flock stuffing, clearly made from shredded rags, over a straw sub layer. I am reusing it because it really is fine and I know if I decided to recreate it, the time and cost would put me off finishing it. Confessions of a time-poor crafter!

To contain it all, I put a layer of pattern cloth over it.

Next up, my fabric. It was an upholstery fabric sample from goodness knows where, and I fiddled about for a bit to get the right part of the pattern on top.

The big flower and leaf were the best option, and I am happy with them. I’ve fiddled with the colour to try and recreate the richness of the fabric but even here it isn’t really showing how fabulous it is!

After gun-stapling all the way around. I distribute the fullness at the corners into a series of pleats. I think we could have stretched the fabric a wee bit more but it is firm enough. This is the big rookie mistake with upholstery – either not stretching the fabric firmly enough, and/or pulling it into the corners too tightly so the bias distorts and the corners eventually wear through ahead of schedule. Ask me how I know…

And here it is! I decided I wasn’t going to chalk paint it because the oak is in such lovely condition and it goes with our house really well as it is. But it would add another dimension of colour and style. Perhaps with a less vibrant fabric.

No more ugly old stool in my lounge, but  a lovely foot stool and extra seat for visitors!

What do you think; pretty?

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  1. Cari Bee

    OMG – the fabric! Flippin’ awesome transformation.

    1. Made Marion

      Good innit! It was a hanging sample – those things are great for all sorts of projects.

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