A MidWinter Affair in Martinborough 2015

A MidWinter Affair Night Market is my favourite market and the only one we do as makers. Why? Because it is at night, where our gorgeous lampshades can be lit up and form a romantic beacon of light. I love that!marketHere’s our table, all lit up. We took home a lot less than we arrived with!

It was an amazing night, made even more so because almost every road into the town was closed by flooding! And yet hundreds of people had already come to the town for the weekend the night before like we did, or found the one open road via Carterton, to traipse around in the rain and mud and have a fabulous time!

I think Kiwis are a bit mad in that we enjoy things more for having had a bit of adversity in achieving it. Maybe that is why, in spite of the rain, and the growing mud, everyone seemed very happy to be there!

mulledwinePossibly because plenty of people were carrying a warming cup of this mulled wine!

Best of all, we met lots of amazing people who were doing up their houses, or a room, or just wanting a pop of colour. And we talked to heaps of them about making lampshades and our classes, which is always exciting. Especially when we could tell the locals that they can come to our classes in Martinborough – far handier than Wellington!

entryOne of the entrances into the Square – it was like dusk at 3.30pm. I think it was the shortest day of the year on top of everything else.

donutsDavid and I enjoyed a couple of these amazing Clarkville Bakery donuts, which helped!

signThis is what the weather was like the day before and the day after. Oh well! 🙂

Being a typical Kiwi myself, I will be back next year in four layers of merino and fingerless gloves, enjoying the dark and the romance and being a beacon of light in a Bedouin tent.

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