An experience in Lampshade making!

11apr13 lamps

These little lampshades are only 15cm high. A customer brought the metal fittings in, that don’t fit any lampshade known to Wellingtonkind. I was intrigued by the little metal clips that attach the fitting directly to the lightbulb. We think they date from the 1930’s. You can see the circular rim of the fitting at the top of the shades.

11apr13 lamp3Always up for a challenge, I offered to make a pair of little shades for them. I do love a challenge and it is good to have a play with materials and techniques in new ways.


11apr13 lamp2

I felt that the embroidered silk dupion suited the age of the fittings, as the roses are a bit “Charles Rennie Mackintosh”esque. Apparently they look just right in the oak panelled hallway.

These little shades are made from styrene, the outer fabric stuck on with spray adhesive. I finished the bottom edge with an old rose upholstery piping. The back seams are hand sewn through holes made with an awl.

Anything is possible when you make it yourself. I had no idea what I was going to end up with when I started on this project, I was just having fun with the techniques one uses to make “proper” lampshades.

Time taken: 2 hours

Cost of materials: 0.3m Styrene, $5.50, 1m piping $2.40, outer fabric free offcuts. Spray adhesive and double sided sellotape in small amounts.

Pleasure in the outcome and customer satisfaction: priceless!



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  1. Joleen


    can I buy lampshade rings and styrene from you? I live in Auckland.

    Regards Joleen

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Joleen! Of course you can, I’ll email you.

  2. Rae

    looking to buy a small quantity of styrene, can I get that from you please?

    1. Made Marion

      Sure no problem. If you are in Wellington, just come in, otherwise call me 04 801 5850 or email through the contact page and I can let you know costs etc.

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