Beginner Quilts start rolling off the line…

After four sessions of pretty intense work, our beginner class is pumping out finished quilts. The first one across the line is Steve’s. And it’s the biggest. Instead of a baby size quilt, we added an inch to every square, making it into a throw size.

The pattern we made is called Puss in the corner, because of the shape of the block. Looking at this quilt however, there is an interesting ‘secondary’ pattern showing up. In real life it is not so obvious, but photos change the colour values a little.

Backed with the same rich ultraviolet blue as you can see around the binding, this quilt is quilted in a pattern of bears and fir trees!

Maybe you can make out the cool quilting pattern?

I love this quilt for its mad, quirky combination of fabrics and patterns that really works in the end. It just goes to show there are no hard and fast rules as far as quilts are concerned!

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