Bunting – tips and tricks

Because of the famous bunting outside our Marion St shop, we get asked about bunting a lot. We also sell it made up for those who are not keen to give it a try themselves. However, if you have even a little bit of sewing experience and some fabrics you’re keen to use, here’s my top tricks on how to make it easy!

This bunting also has the names of the children it is being given to on it. Read  how to make them here

2aStarting with the flags – I cut them 25cm long and 20cm across the top. I didn’t think to photograph the cutting process, I will later. Organise your flags into the sequence you want to join them together in, and make a pile with the left end as you look at it on top.

7I use this amazing herring bone tape as it is so easy to see where to fold it – I don’t even iron it, I just fold it as I feed it under the foot. Start with about 30cm sewn folded before adding the first flag:

8Slot the top edge of the first flag into the tape and keep sewing, folding the tape as you go.

9When you get to the end of the flag, mark where you want to insert the next one. I’ve used the edge of the window in my tray as a marker. If I want the flags closer together I use the edge of the plate.

10Keep sewing and folding until you reach the pin, then take out the pin, and insert the next flag.

11After doing this for a bit, I have found I can just do it using my fingers, or even eyeballing it, but the pin thing is quick too. Repeat with each flag until you have used up the whole pile.

13Here’s my pile, and the reel of tape. I haven’t precut the tape, I just feed it through off the reel!

14When all the flags are used up, I bring the beginning around and line the first and last flags up, and cut the tape to match. Finish folding and sewing to the end.

15I sew a curtain ring on each end – just fold the last 1.5cm or so of tape toward the back, catching in the rung, and zig zag it closed, encasing the raw ends.

16And here it is – a 12 flag string of bunting!!

This way is SO much quicker than measuring and pinning the flags in advance. And if you have a lot to make, any time saver is welcome!


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