Christmas ideas!

This year we have noticed a fun trend in making presents, especially using jars, milk bottles, glasses etc. These include wanting to etch, paint and generally stencil cool things onto them.

Glass etching cream is expensive and obnoxious, but thanks to Martha Stewart there is a nice to use, effective alternative. Several in fact.

frostFrost etching effect paint, water based, permanent, only $17.50 a 6 floz bottle. AND I can post it as it is not a “dangerous good” like the etching cream!

I’ve also seen online examples of people using Martha Stewart’s Pearl paints to give a frosty effect. This comes in several colours and is only $7.80 for a 2 floz bottle. If you come into the shop you’ll see it stenciled on our door.

Martha Stewart Pearl Paint[8]Source – an excellent tutorial on several ideas!

We also have a Chalkboard paint in classic black, funky “greige” and about six colours in convenient 2 floz bottles- try painting terracotta pots, plant with herbs and write a message on the pot. Also I love this idea for stairs, plus on the link below the image there are many very cool ideas for chalk board painting

tumblr_mayqosrZwf1rdgexeo5_500More ideas!

chalk boardChalkboard paint in Black and Taupe.

What else…oh yes, Magnetic paint. Paint this onto jigsaw pieces for a fun fridge magnet puzzle. Make a magnetic notice board – limited only by your imagination, which I know is endless and has Pinterest to give it a boost!


As well as all the satin, gloss, metallic, pearl and glitter paints in the range, which will permanently work without heat setting onto fabric, wood, glass and porcelain. How cool is that!

allpaintsMeet the family!

So there you go, some ideas for Christmas, for wedding receptions and general fun hand made gifts.

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  1. Felicity Mckenzie

    Hi, I was wondering did you get the glass etching cream/frost etching cream within NZ? I’m finding it hard to find anywhere!

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Felicity! We do not because it is ridiculously expensive and toxic, and the supply is intermittent. Instead we suggest Martha Stewart’s Frost Etch Effect paint, or Mother of PEarl paint. Both of which work on glass. And a fraction of the price.

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