Re-colour your shoes and other leather goods!

Editor’s Note: Since The Dreamstress wrote this tutorial, the TRG product has been improved – there is no longer a need for a separate preparer solution so it is easier to use! We have edited the words to reflect the new process but at times the photos may be a little different.

One of the (many) fabulous products at Made Marion Craft is TRG the One Colour Dye, which allows you to dye leather goods  an almost infinite variety of shades: you can change the colour, create a custom shade, and refresh goods with this product. New Zealanders outside of Wellington can order their TRG dyes from our online shop by clicking here

Dyeing leather shoes

Technically you aren’t dyeing leather: you are staining it, and this is infinitely more awesome than dyeing, because it means that you can colour almost any colour leather to almost any other colour.  A black shoe can become pale blue, a green shoe can become pink, etc.

You can also use this tutorial to dye leather handbags, and to refresh leather goods that have become a bit worn with time.

What you’ll need: 

  • TRG the One Colour Dye & Preparer (NOTE: Since we wrote this, the Dye & Preparer have been combined -there is only one bottle now, even easier!)
  • Leather (but NOT suede or patent leather), synthetic leather or canvas shoes or handbag.
  • Newspaper to protect your work surface
  • A small paint brush (optional)
  • A soft, clean cloth
  • Gloves (optional, but a good idea)How to dye leather shoes

Today, to show you how to do it, I’ll be dyeing/staining a pair of chestnut brown leather shoes red, with black heels, and refreshing a worn red handbag.

These are my shoes before dyeing:

How to dye leather shoes

And after:

How to dye leather shoes

Since I really like fashion history, I’ve used a pair of late 18th century shoes as inspiration for my colour scheme.  I just love the red bodies with the crisp black heels.

Shoes, ca 1785-95 the Netherlands, Rijksmuseum Leather with silk ruches
Shoes, ca 1785-95 the Netherlands, Rijksmuseum Leather with silk ruches

You can colour your shoes any shade you want, and use anything you want as inspiration.  TRG Colour Dye comes in a huge range of colours, and can be mixed to create exact shades.

To dye your own shoes, have newspaper spread over your work area, and all your items ready.

First, open your Colour Dye kit.  Inside you’ll find a jar of dye, a jar of preparer (not any more), a sponge applicator, and a mystifying direction sheet.  Don’t worry about that last bit, that’s what I’m here for!

How to dye leather shoes

You’ll be starting with your preparing the surface.  This cleans your leather, and strips off any coatings which would keep it from absorbing the Colour Dye.  With the abrasive side of the sponge, and working in circles, gently scrub the entire surface of your shoe/bag.

How to dye leather shoes

Give them a good wipe down with the soft cloth to remove any dust from the scuffing, then you can start painting them.  First use a brush with just a little bit of paint on it to paint the edges where the shoe meets the sole, and at the top of the foot, and any seams:

How to dye leather shoes

If your original shoe/leather colour is fairly close to the colour you are painting the shoe/leather item, it won’t show up much at first.

Once you have painted the seams and edges, put a little paint on the applicator sponge:

How to dye leather shoes

With long, smooth strokes, use the sponge to smooth a light, thin layer of dye colour over the surface of the entire shoe:

How to dye leather shoes

It’s a very light, thin layer, so may not show up much.  Once you have both shoes, the first one should be dry enough for you to use the brush to put more paint on your sponge, and you can rub another light layer on.

How to dye leather shoes

Keep smoothing on thin layers, allowing just a minute or two to dry between.  Once you’ve put three or four layers on you should really see the colour change. At four layers, you can really see the difference between the body of the shoe and my as-yet-undyed heel:

How to dye leather shoes

Most items will need no more than six layers.  If you aren’t sure if you have done enough, you can always let your item dry completely (for at least 48 hours), and then add more layers if needed.  The colour will deepen and even out slightly as the stain dries.

How to dye leather shoes

DO NOT attempt to continue decorating or mask off portions of your shoe for further dyeing until they have dried for at least 48 hours.  If you do, this happens:

How to dye leather shoes


Don’t worry though!  If you accidentally pull off or scuff the finish before it has dried fully, you can always just touch up that area, and your new coat will just blend right in.  Whew!

Since I did a two-colour dye job, I waited for my first colour to dry slightly (just half an hour) before adding the second:

How to dye leather shoes

I’d left the heels un-painted, but already I’d already prepared them along with the rest of the shoe, so I could just start painting on black.  Here they are with three layers of black on the heels.  You can see how there is still some streakiness and chestnut brown showing through the black:

How to dye leather shoes

And here they are completely done:  Lovely smooth glossy red shoes with crisp black heels!

How to dye leather shoes

You can also use the Colour Dye to refresh worn out leather goods.  I have a vintage red leather bag that I love, but that had gotten extremely shabby, with cracked leather:

How to dye worn out leather

How to dye worn out leather


To restore the bag, first I gently scuffed it, just as I did with the shoes.

Then I painted the worst areas of damage, the seams and the details with the brush.

Then I used the sponge to smooth on three coats of Colour Dye.  It didn’t need nearly as many coats of dye as the shoes, because the bag was already red.

And here is the refreshes and restored bag:

How to dye worn out leather

How to dye worn out leather

So much better!  

Here are the bag and shoe together, so you can compare the colour:

How to dye worn out leather

The shoes are just a tiny bit darker, more oxblood than cherry, because the dye went over the darker chestnut colour, rather than red, but the difference is pretty subtle.

After dyeing my shoes and the medium sized handbag, I still have more than half a bottle of shoe dye, so every kit will do at least 3 pairs of shoes: very economical indeed!

And there you go!  Easy, peasy and fun!  Now you can refresh all your shoes & bags, and have them in the perfect colour, no matter what shade they were sold in.

Dyeing leather shoesTips:

  • If you don’t have a brush to do the edges and seams, see if you have any small sponge applicators that come with eyeshadow. If you’re like me and never use them, they are ideal for this!
  • To prevent getting paint onto the sole, use masking tape. Just cut it off to the shape of the edge of the sole so any flappy bits don’t accidentally stick to your new paintwork
  • Likewise a line of masking tape around the inside will prevent accidental brush marks on the inside.
  • If you are painting strappy shoes, stuff them with newspaper, making sure the straps are all facing up and exposed as you go.
  • Keep any leftover shoe dye and the cleaned sponge, just in case you get a scuff or scrape in future.

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  1. Colleen

    Hi, I can’t find where on your website how to order this shoe dye? And how much does plain black dye cost? Thanks

    1. Made Marion

      (Update: this product is now online at our Products page)
      Sorry we don’t have an online shop, however I can tell you that the plain black is $13.50, and it costs $3 to send it to anywhere in New Zealand, if you are not here in Wellington. We can take a credit card payment over the phone, or an online banking payment – if you email me your address I can get back to you. Or call us today on 04 801 5850 and I can have it in the post tomorrow morning 🙂

      1. Dee

        I need a plain black stain colour for my 7 seater leather lounge suite please?

        I will pay for track post to Manurewa Auckland 2103.

        Payment by internet banking.

        1. Made Marion

          Hi I am sorry but none of our products are suitable for that task. You really need to get it done professionally.

  2. karina

    Hi there I am interested in buying this for my old faded looking handbag would I just need the 1 box of black to do this size 37cm x 30cm..

    regards Karina

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Karina, Yes it will cover that much if the area is already black. 🙂

  3. susan grant

    Hi can I dye brown leather boots black. If so how do I purchase from you

    1. Made Marion

      Update: We did assist Susan with her requirements, we’re not ignoring this comment 🙂

  4. Vicky Headifen

    Hello, does this work on ballet shoes? Thanks, Vicky

    1. Made Marion

      It sure does!

  5. Sheree Gray

    Hi! So excited about your product! I was given a beautiful Briarwood bag in a very pale mint colour and they had let it go quite badly so it has mold spots etc over most of it. I have tried everything but cant get rid of them so am wondering if dying it a darker colour would work? What do you think, would your product be a good option?


  6. Jack

    Hi Marion, would this product help restore hard worn leather car seats in a Volvo. They cracked and losing colour. Would this product come off onto clothes when used on a seat ??

    Colour required….light grey.


    1. Made Marion

      Hi Jack, yes it could and has been. 🙂

  7. Odette

    Hi there, just clarifying whether this product can be used on synthetic leather or not…? Your article above says that it can, but when I read the product details of the TRG dye on your website, it says that it cannot. Cheers

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Odette, that is an interesting point! I have just reviewed the instructions on the box and it says, “Synthetic leather/vinyl and canvas: No rubbing with the rough face of the sponge. Apply the colour directly, but in case of canvas, previously diluting it with water 50%.”
      On the TRG website it says: “For leather, canvas and synthetic leather. Not suitable for suede or nubuck.”
      I will update our product info, thanks for pointing that out!

  8. Adrienne

    Hi, I have a dark bottle green leather jacket my husband brought me (points for effort) that I just don’t wear because of the colour. I would like to dye it either a grey or a medium blue, is this possible? And will it become really shiny? And how much dye do you think I will need? Thank you for your help

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Adrienne, that is always a tricky one isn’t it! I’ve never tried doing such a big job with the dye, and the zip may have to be changed if it is green. The dye is great for freshening up a jacket where the colour has worn off – in fact my husband will be doing just that with a black one we bought four years ago, but how effective it would be on a whole jacket I am not sure. I suggest you Google and see if anyone has tried it and how it turned out. They could also give you an indication of how many bottles were used.

  9. Warren

    Hi, are paints safe for Jordan shoes and will not crack? How can I order? Do you have Flat black, Gold, Red Colours. Do you have Dull and Matte finishers and brish set too? Thank you

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Warren, We only sell into New Zealand. There is only one finish which is more of a satin than a Matt. I don’t know what Jordan shoes are. Thanks!

  10. Hannah

    Hiya! Would the Olive green 134 shade show if dyed over a black leather? I’m wanting to change the colour of a belt. Thank you!

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Hannah, I am so sorry I don’t know how this comment got past my eagle eye! The answer is yes, absolutely.

  11. Shelley

    Hi Made Marion – can you advise when you are re-opening past Christmas please?

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Shelley, it’s all on the home page. We are open 28-31 Dec from 10 to 5pm, and from the 4th January normal hours resume. We’re also open from 9am all of this week, but we will close at 5pm on Thursday. Merry Christmas! 🙂

  12. Thuong

    Hi MAde Marion, may I use this for baby Bobux shoes? I am not really sure what kind of leather they are. Thanks a lot.

    1. Made Marion

      Yes, they appear to be made from lamb nappa, not nubuck as I thought so all good!

  13. Sally

    Hi Made Marion, would this work for leather and mesh shoes? No idea what the trims and mesh are made from. I’m wanting to change from white & grey to black. Cheers.

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Sally, very likely. We’ve seen all kinds of shoes covered successfully. The trick is in making sure you work the colour in well 🙂

  14. Victoria

    Hi Made Marion. My daughter has black patent leather shoes that she would like to recolour to an olive green to match her ball dress. Can you suggest a product I can use?

    1. Made Marion

      Hi, We stock TRG Leather Dye that is designed for dying shoes. We have all the colours in stock including Olive Green (Number 134). I have put one aside in case you want it. If you are local you can call in or if you are out of Wellington we can post it to you. Let me know your requirements.


    Hi, we are looking for pearl colour. Do you stock this. thank you.

    1. Made Marion

      Hi, We have a ‘metallic’ dye called silver but to my eyes it looks like pearl – TRG colour 401 – being metallic it will cost $23.50 (plus postage of $3.00 if required).

  16. Vijay

    Hi I am based in dubai. Any option to send here ?

    1. Made Marion

      HI Vijay, I am sorry but we only ship to NZ

  17. Sam

    My couch has lost some colours in some places and I need a black leather dye that’ll match the same colour as my couch. Will I have to order it online or can I go to your shop and buy it there?


    1. Made Marion

      Hi Sam, our shop is in Wellington so that won’t work, but anyone who is or is visiting is always welcome to come and shop directly.

  18. Shannon

    Thank you for this tutorial from NZ with products we can get here!!!! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. 🙂 Would the white dye cover a black leather shoe? My daughter wants white Irish dancing shoes (they are a soft leather – not suede), but we can only get her brand in black. Thanks so much!

    1. Made Marion

      All good, I have emailed you.

  19. Leah

    Hi there, just wondered if this would work to dye red leather boots black? thanks

    1. Made Marion

      Absolutely, Leah. Or the other way around. 🙂

  20. Leah

    How much would you charge for carrying out the job for me as well as for the black dye itself, on a pair of knee high boots? Thanks

  21. Michelle

    Hi – I need to dye a saddle that has colour worn out and faded in places, and a general freshen up Would this product be suitable for a saddle?

    1. Made Marion

      Hi, I suspect the penetrating dye would be a better option for a saddle. Comes in black and brown. I’ll email you 🙂

  22. Jacinta

    Do you have a pearl coloured dye that can be used to stain some shoes for a bride?


    1. Made Marion

      Hi Jacinta, yes the 402 is more a pearl than a silver. You can order it online or email me at, or call us 04 801 5850.

  23. Mari

    Can this dye be used for Dr Martens ?
    How can I clean the inside of the shoe if I make a mess ?
    What would happen after they get dried ? The paint won’t come off ?

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Mari,
      Honestly, it sounds to me like you should take them to a professional.

  24. Debbie

    Hi there. Quick question – I have a pair of women’s black leather ankle boots. They look similar to Doc Martens, leather upper with a black leather sole. The dye sounds ideal for these boots but I’m also wanting to dye the sole. Do you know of a product I can purchase that would enable me to do this project including the soles ?

    I’m based in Centrsl Auckland if that helps but heck I’d buy the stuff online if I knew which site to go to. All else fails, and I’ll just try ‘Goggling it’ but I much prefer a recommendation – if you have one !!

    Loved the tutorial you provided. Was very clear and well accompanied with good
    images. Just one ‘wee’ moan – “any chance you could embed a plug in that allowed the comments to load from ” newest” to
    “oldest.” It’s a tad annoying having to scroll to the “end” of the comments before I can contribute and ask questions. Maybe you just need to ‘tweak’ the settings on your C.P. Not entirely sure but I’ll definitely be back to check on prigress. In the meantime keep doin’ what your doin’ . It’s great !!

    1. Debbie

      One more gripe. . . Sorry. I just started to re-read my comment and realised I made a mistake !! Where’s your ‘EDIT’ key ? Damn !! The error was stating my boots had a leather upper and black leather sole.

      They have a black RUBBER sole which is why I’m enquiring as to whether you no of a compatable ‘rubber dye.’ The leather dye I want is red and I’d like to dye the soles red as well.

      “Tweak that comments plug in !!.” Cheers

    2. Made Marion

      Hi Debbie, yes the dye is ideal for your boots’ uppers but not for the rubber sole. I know of no product that can change a black rubber sole to a red one.
      Thank you for your feedback in regards to our website.

  25. Donna Sanders

    Would I be able to dye a dark green sofa brown?

    1. Made Marion

      Hi there, the answer is no – I mean it would definitely dye a pair of dark green shoes brown, but it’s not designed for such massive amounts of space and also for the amount of creasing and movement and friction a couch gets, though it is quite good for tidying up slightly worn bits. You can get your couch recoloured professionally – just google it.

  26. elizabeth rickit

    I am wanting to dye a very special soft deer leather shoulder bag in wasabi yellow colour (a kind of lemon) to a dark colour, probably black. Are you sure this TRG will do the job, and for a medium size shoulder bag(it can fit everything!, how many will I need? I can’t afford to do it if Im not sure because the bag was $850, something Ive never paid for any bag!

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Elizabeth, I really think that you should get your bag done by a professional. I certainly cannot answer the question reliably when I can’t see it, don’t knwo what the finish is etc and I cannot guarantee that you will be able to do a perfect job on it. Also consider the colour of zips etc. If you google for it and limit the answer to NZ sites (under Tools) then you will find any services available. Thanks

  27. marnie

    i have a pair of great brown mid calf boots, one boot is browner than the other
    I want to dye them black as I cannot handle wearing them like they are
    will your product work?

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Marnie, this is exactly the kind of job the dye is ideal for. So long as your boots are not suede, nubuck or synthetic. 🙂 If they have brown zips though it can’t change that.

  28. Stacey smith

    Hi there, I’m looking to dye a faded lilac handbag to black. It’s a reasonable sized handbag. Would one box do it or am I better to buy two?

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Stacey, I’d go for two – but just remember that you can’t dye zippers with it. 🙂

  29. Wendy Willis

    Hi, I’ve just bought a pair of black leather sandals that I’d like to paint a rose gold/metallic colour, do you have something like this? And would I need to prepare the sandles if they are brand new? Thanks!!

    1. Clever clogs

      Hi Wendy, you can paint your sandals a different colour, all leather needs preparing anyway so being new is no biggie. The trouble is, the colour. I know the colour you mean -I just bought a pair of shoes that colour myself. It’s hugely poplar but TRG haven’t got the memo! You might get away with a Martha Stewart acrylic paint, I am pretty sure it comes in rose gold – not quite as robust but fine for a one off and touch up situation? Best to ring us 04 801 5850 or email if you want to pursue the options.

  30. Susan Douthett

    Wow at last I can colour my footwear to suit. I will call you tomorrow to arrange to buy some black to cover red boots.

    1. Made Marion

      Lovely to hear from you today!

  31. lynne

    I have a pair of beige/taupe coloured leather boots, any chance of dyeing them white?

    1. Made Marion

      Hi, absolutely you can paint black boots white. The zip colour is another matter- you can’t change it. And it’s best to save some for touch ups. If you want to do it you will need two kits.

  32. Mel

    Hi there, I have a pair of off-white leather wedge heels that have marks etc and need a spruce up. What products would I need for this? Thanks

  33. Lynne

    Hi, I have an old leather pouf, diameter 0.5 m, tan coloured, which is badly stained. Would your products be suitable for dyeing it a darker brown? How many bottles would I need?

    1. The Dreamstress

      This product should work well on a leather pouf. You’d probably want 3-4 bottles to get really good coverage. Good luck!

  34. Deb

    Hi there, would this work on laser cut leather? It is leather with sort of cuts in it/lines.

  35. Deb

    Hi there, I have a pair of leather lazer cut boots they sort of have cut lines in them, would this dye be okay for them. Thanks Deb

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Deb. Without seeing the boots I cannot give a definite answer but the dye has worked well on all sorts of leather things. Can you bring them in or send us a picture to ? David

  36. Kaylie Gleeson

    Hi there,
    I was wanting to paint a design on some white adidas leather sneakers, I was wondering if the TRG dye works well for small designs, instead of dying the entire shoe one colour.

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Kaylie
      Thank you for asking.
      We have an example in the shop where one of the staff wrote his name and put a few designs on a piece of leather. (Purple over black).
      Can you call into the shop or would you like some posted to you?

      1. Kaylie

        Hi David,

        I’ll call into the shop and take a look! Thanks for the quick reply

  37. Amy Jaquiery

    Hi I have a pair of white chuncky sandals nit real leather that I would like to dye black is this possible with this

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Amy
      Thank you for asking. The TRG EasyDye works on Leather, Synthetic Leather/Vinyl and Canvas so it should work on your sandals. White to black is certainly doable.
      Email us if you would like us to send you some.

  38. Ashlin Tucker

    Hi, I’m looking to refurbish a cream coloured soft deer napa purse with a brown strap to dark green or black. Tried to find the answer in above comments but don’t believe anyone has asked – does the product have a risk of dye transfer once finished? Would hate to rub dark dye on my jeans etc.

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Ashlin
      Thank you for asking. I think the dye we used will work for your purse (we have three different dyes for different types of leather). I used the EasyDye on my leather jacket and gloves (I also used the matching shoe cream to seal the surface afterwards) and have had no transfer to anything after using it. If you can call in to the shop we can show you the results. Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks. David

  39. Rebekah

    I’ve recently purchased a stunning vintage leather coat – it’s red, but more of an orange-toned red which just is not me. I’d like to change the shade of red to a more rich true red (I have a pair of leather gloves that are the perfect shade for comparison if I can send you a pic via email perhaps if needed).
    Its also very important that the colour seals well and doesn’t transfer AT ALL because that would ruin the fur! Do you think this product would be suitable?
    I’m in Christchurch, so unfortunately can’t bring my coat in to show you!

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Rebeckah
      Thank you for asking. I have used the dye on my leather jacket and gloves with great success and no transfer at all. I am happy to see your photograph and try to match the colour with the proviso that it is very difficult to match colours this way. I also recommend using the matching shoe cream to really seal the dye and feed the leather. This is what I did for both my projects. I used three bottles of dye for my jacket (two coats). Send us an email with your picture and I will see what I can do to help you.

  40. Sandy Morris

    Hi there I have bought a pair of black leather and suede shoes. I want to change them to an ivory colour I only need to wear them for a day. What happens when the colour is used on suede? Cheers Sandy

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Sandy, it soaks into the suede and takes a lot of coats, and then can get quite stiff. A tricky one indeed as suede dye is a stain so you can’t lighten using it. If there’s only a little bit of suede on the shoes it’s probably fine and you can double down on those sections. The suede comes out smoother as the paint build up sticks the roughness down.

  41. Wendy Christie

    Hi there, how many boxes of dye and prepped would I need to dye a brown pair of boots black? Thanks

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Wendy, if the colour shift from the current to brown is not much, then one bottle should be plenty. If you need to change the colour from something very different, it might take two.

  42. Melissa Baars

    Hi there,
    I have a pair of soft leather gloves that are a faded light pink colour (uneven colour), I’d like to give them new life somehow (maybe dye red or another colour), would this product be suitable? or if not, do you have something that would be? Thanks

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Melissa, it is suitable so long as your gloves are leather not suede and you don’t mind a slightly shiny finish. David painted his to great success. A few coats of the colour you choose plus a coat of shoe cream and they look great. 112 is a nice rich not too bright red.

  43. Martine Connor

    Good morning,
    I have just tried to order some dye to be sent to Auckland using online direction sent me to etsy, then said $70 tax is this correct?
    Thanks Martine Connor

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Martine,
      I have just seen your comment that you have now found that we don’t actually charge $70 tax! 🙂 I think you must have gone into another part of ETSY.
      I will get your order sent first thing tomorrow.

  44. Sarah Fountain

    Hello, I bought some knee high leather boots supposedly made in Italy, but when I looked harder, they were Italian designed but made in China. I do like them and they are comfortable but….
    Now the leather, I find is a very very thin veneer and Is wearing off, leaving unsightly white patches underneath. Mainly on the seams.
    I would like to dye the complete boots again in a similar brown shade. How do you recommend I go about it, and how much dye would I need?

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Sarah, it’s really hard to give firm advice about an unsighted project. I have some boots that also seem to be a veneer over cloth and the veneer has cracked off in places and while I have been able to dye them blacker, the dye doesn’t restore the shiny black surface. But I still wear them because I love them. The only thing we can suggest is to choose a brown that you like and paint your boots as per these instructions, with several very thin coats. By covering the whole boot you avoid the issue where the patched bits don’t entirely match the rest of the boot.
      The leather dye does have a shiny finish. It works well on boots. It works even better when you apply the cream at the end. You should be able to get a pair of boots out of one bottle if you’re going brown to brown, but getting two is probably wiser as you will definitely have a wee top up supply if any other bits start to wear down. That’s about all I can offer, but if you’re in Wellington do bring them in to show us and we may have more specific advice. Cheers!

      1. Sarah

        Thank you for that info.
        1. Can you give me your email and I’ll send you photos, so you can see the extent of the damage, and also give me a recommendation of the best colour dye.
        2. What is the best way to order the dyes. If I have your phone no, I can order and pay that way.
        3. You mention a cream. Is this part of the dye package, or do I order that separately.
        Thank you for your attention to this. I now have great hope that I can rescue my boots.
        Regards Sarah

        1. Clever clogs

          Hi Sarah
          1. Our email is
          2. Email or phone us on 04 801 5850. We can take card details over the phone or use internet banking.
          3. The cream is bought separately to match the dye you choose. Not everybody wants the cream but I find it gets the best results.

  45. Anthony Page

    Can the dyes be used on nubuck leather? I have cleaned off an oily mark and the leather (orange) where cleaned has lightened somewhat and so I intend to do a light restain but I do not want the finish to be shiny.

    1. Made Marion

      Aha there it is, I never got an email notification! Will email you. Good news 🙂

  46. Maxine Borley

    Hi. Great website. !!!
    Hey I am wanting to dye natural veg tan leather to make small luggage tags.
    I will be covering a total of 0.7sq metres and cutting to 95mm x 38mm tags.
    Do you have a dye to do this?
    I am looking for a tan colour the same colour as the old shoes on yr website before painted red.
    How much do you think I’ll need to cover this volume?
    Please give me the code price quantity etc to buy on line.
    Thank you so much
    Maxine Borley phone 021-055-1974.

    1. Clever clogs

      Hi Maxine
      Thank you for asking. I think what you need to dye your veg tan leather is the TRG Penetrating dye rather than the EasyDye used for the shoes. The penetrating dye comes in four colours (Black, Navy Blue, Middle Brown and Dark Brown), they cost $13.50 a bottle. I am not sure of the coverage as I have not used it. Can you call in to check it out? If not we can work by phone or email.

  47. Robyn Smith

    Hi I’m wanting to dye a pale blue handbag magenta. Do you have magenta in stock please

    1. Clever clogs

      Hi Robyn.
      Thank you for asking. We have Magenta (Dye No. 161) in stock and ready for you to pick up or for us to post to you, whichever you prefer.
      If you want it posted we can fit it into a $3.50 post bag (add $3.90 if you are a rural delivery).

  48. Hugh

    Wow amazing service!
    Do you know if this dye would change my white rubber sneaker soles to black with multiple coats?

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Hugh
      Thank you for asking. The dye works on the surface of leather, so I think it would very quickly wear off rubber soles however many coats you use. When I used the suede/nubuck dye on a pair of shoes I found the dye got into the rubber sole where I overshot the suede and I could not get it out. This is not what it is intended for but it MIGHT work if you cannot find another method.

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