How to make iron-on letters

This is dedicated to all those people out there hoping they can buy iron on letters or numbers. They are really hard to find, but they are really easy to make too so don’t despair!

To make them you need:

  • Wool mix or wool felt. Acrylic felt doesn’t work (it won’t fuse)
  • Steam a seam
  • A black marker pen
  • A computer with a printer that runs MS Word or similar programme.


In a new document, type out the letters you want, selecting the font you like and the size. In this example, I am using Cooper Black font in size 350pt.

Set the font to “outline” so as not to waste toner.

1Here’s my letters printed out over several pieces of paper.

2Note: Because I was going to put this lettering onto bunting flags, I wanted to make the “m” narrower. To do this, I printed it in size 320, cut through the middle, spread it to match the height of the other letters and filled in the lines. This made a narrower M that still looks the same as the other letters. Works for W also.

3Now, important next step is to turn your paper over and go over the outlines with the black marker. This is because letters and numbers need to be in mirror image. If you can tell your printer to flip the letters for you, you could skip this step, but I couldn’t work it out!

4Check out your Steam a Seam – identify which side is the actual adhesive. Do this by peeling the two papers apart – the tacky side is the one you want.

Put your lettering papers under the Steam a Seam, tacky side up, and trace through. Because we’re using felt, you can cram the letters together like I have. Less waste of felt and Steam a Seam!

Now, peel the backing paper off your Steam a Seam, and press it gently onto the felt. Then, felt side up, use a warm iron to press it on permanently.

5Cut out the letters, paper backing and all. Then all you need to do is peel off the backing paper, position the letter on the surface, and iron press it with a warm iron to stick it down.

16Here are my letter spelling out Theo. The sharp observer may have noticed my t was the wrong way around and at the last minute I had to do it again! All is well that ends well!

This whole process took about 30 minutes – knowing the font and size however can save at least ten minutes! 🙂

Now for one off uses or uses like the bunting that won’t be washed, the Steam a Seam will be all the securing you need. However if you want to be able to wash the piece over and again, you will need to also sew the letters on.

Happy Sewing!


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  1. Marie Okeby

    Absolutely fantastic. You make it look seamless so to speak. The boys will love them. I know all the family in Detroit are going to be thrilled. You have inspired me. So many thanks Marie

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