Kasia’s Hoop Mural

One of our out of town customers, Kasia, sent me some photos today. These are of her embroidery hoop mural, inspired by my session on Brunch TV at the end of last year, alas no longer visible online. I am SO inspired by the gorgeousness of this mural – the colours, the details – it is a work of art and love combined.


   The whole mural in situ above the changing table. I love the bright yet subtle colours together, making what is normally a cool palette into a warm and welcoming one.

SONY DSCA close up of the composition – this balances well because of the three larger hoops running diagonally across, with smaller ones grouped around. The bottom left green hoop is a birth record.

SONY DSCThe sweetest button flowers ever!

SONY DSCButton art at its coolest.

Thank you so much to Kasia for sending in these photos and sharing them with us. I love to receive photos from customers of their creations, and always ask first if it is all right to post them on our website, never fear! 🙂

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