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I am delighted to say that, at least until Christmas, I am the Crafty Lady on Brunch, Choice TV’s morning programme.

Choice is Channel 12 for free to air and 78 on Sky. The programme is at 10am & 11.30pm weekdays. My segment is on weekly, so far on different days.

The next segment is scheduled for Wednesday 5 December, and we are now working on the components of a great Christmas table, things you can do yourself or with children, and can keep simple or make more sophisticated.

And, can I just add, YAY!!! It is great fun. And we are offering the same projects as part of our lineup of Christmas Creating Workshops on 8 and 15 December.

My publicity shot. The very simple project above is on the wall in the shop. Happy to show anyone how  to do this – the trick is in the way you do the back so all the raw edges are tucked away and tidy.  Not an original idea, but one that has so many uses, and so much potential, and great for Christmas presents too. Our embroidery hoops range from $4.50 to $7.00, so not too bad at all!

I’ll be posting the tutorials for the TV projects on here, see the next few blog posts for the finished video.


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  1. kaitui_kiwi

    I’ve wanted to make some of these for ages, and put some embroidery on them, maybe some vintage pattern illustrations, a good way to use up all those pesky fat quarters and make room for more some fashion fabric 😉

    1. Made Marion

      Vintage maps, or even better, vintage maps printed on fabric also look great. Happy crafting.

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