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Amazing Thread

One reason we took the plunge and purchased Goldings Handcrafts was the richness of its stock of craft and sewing supplies. Generations of Wellingtonians have loved the store for its diversity. Right now we have…

  • Cake decorating supplies, including tins for purchase and rent
  • Feathers, sequins, and fringe – bring on the dancing girls!
  • Paints, dyes, adhesives and treatments for fabric, wood, and metal
  • Needlepoint galore, including unique New Zealand canvas designs
  • Polystyrene forms, candle and soap making stuff
  • Metal sheets, tubes, rods, foils, mesh and wires in convenient sizes
  • Balsa wood in many sizes
  • Leather, felt, mull cloth, interfacings and book binding buckram
  • A wide range of beads and jewellery making supplies
  • Ribbons, buttons, flowers, laces and trims
  • A wide range of haberdashery
  • Dukit, Fimo and other modelling clays
  • Soft cuddly toy supplies and kits
  • Even some doll houses and doll house furnishings!

…and that’s not the half of it.

We’re also interested in what our creative customers are looking for and every day we get ideas from our customers. Please leave a comment and let us know what we can get for you.

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