Inside our store, including one of our custom crafted denim jackets and our colourful cabaret fringes!Made Marion is so much more than just a craft store. Yes, we have a huge range of products that you can buy in our store, or from our online store. Yes, we have in shop expertise to help you choose the best product for your needs. Yes, we have some of the best prices in town.

It is so much more because we know how important creativity is to human beings. Hey, without it, how would we have ever learned to make a shelter, or clothing, or fire, or cars? Creativity is crazy important to us all. And in the 21st Century we don’t get to use it on those basic needs so much, but it is still there, every day, looking for an outlet. We see engineers who make incredible 3D birthday cakes, CEOs who love to cross stitch, lawyers who make lampshades, general managers who knit. It really is one of the great universals we have in common with one another.

We also know that every creative project has a story. A cot quilt for a newborn niece, a repair to a much loved jumper, some lustre powder to finish off a wedding cake. Sometimes people want to tell us all about it, which is fine with us –  we love creative projects and get a kick out of seeing the photos of the finished project, if not the project itself. If they don’t, that’s okay too. We’re interested but we’re not nosy! 🙂

And beyond having great stock, we also teach great classes, provide great services, sponsor community events and try to do those little extra things that make a difference.

In the 21st century, where so much is available online, a bricks and mortar shop provides a place to go, a place to be. Whether you are rushing in or staying for a while, we hope you enjoy coming into our shop. Or into our online shop!

Happy Creating!

Wendy Anscombe


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  1. Karen Bennett

    Best wish’s for your new venture and adventure. I love retailing, never the same day twice and always something new and exciting!
    Hope to see lots more of you.
    Regards, Karen

    1. Made Marion

      Karen! MWAH! SO lovely to see you tonight, and absolutely, I’d love to see more of you xoxo

  2. Lazule Jewellery

    Welcome to the block Maryanne and David, so excited about what you’re doing at Made Marion and are relieved that (what was) Goldings is in good hands! See you soon for some bits and bobs, Congratulations! 🙂

  3. michelle

    WooHoo – Fantastic to see a new creative craft space in Wellington. All the very best of luck to you. I will be in to visit very soon!

  4. Congratulations and welcome to the ‘hood, new Neighbours! From the team at Real Music Company next door 🙂

  5. Bridget

    fantastic! I loved Goldings but with a fresh look it will be amazing! Can’t wait to pop in

    1. Made Marion

      Thank you Bridget! We hope that the love affair will only deepen when you see what we are doing! hehe

  6. Claire

    Congrats – funny, I shopped at Goldings on about Dec 22, 2011 for bits for Christmas gifts and contemplated doing exactly what you have done. Love your name ! Do you still stock block/solid glycerin ? for soapmaking ?

    1. Made Marion

      Thank you! Yes, we do have it. 🙂

  7. Muireann Lynch

    Hi David,
    I would just like to say how lovely it was to speak with you when I visited your fabulous shop on Tory Street on the 28th of June last while on holidays in NZ. It was such a delight to walk around – loved the tour and your explanations about NZ yarn, along with showing me the beautiful NZ fabric range. And your shirt was an amazing array of coloured skyscrapers – the same fabric as a wall hanging was just striking. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to you speak on the topic of lampshade making – my first time coming across the craft – sounded so exciting that I would have signed up for a class had I been in Wellington a bit longer! Plan now to source a class back home over the coming months.
    You mentioned that you were only in the business five years, but you certainly have created a most welcoming establishment with your own unique style of shop layout – adorable.
    So, thank you for a most enlightening evening – I think it was just as well I was constrained by what I can carry in my luggage on my flight home or else I would certainly have bought quite a bit more fabric and yarn.
    Wishing you many, many years of continued success.
    Muireann 🙂

    1. Made Marion

      Dear Muireann, Thank you so much for your lovely comments and for taking the time to write to us from home! It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and show off our shop to you! I do hope you find a good lampshade class, but be warned; it is very addictive 😉

  8. Jacinta Brown

    Hi there

    I am after some styrene to recline a lampshade. Are you able to assist me?

    Cheers Jacinta

    1. Made Marion

      Hi Jacinta, we can certainly help with that. It comes by the metre and it is in our Wellington shop. If you need it sent then the minimum order is 2m due to it being so brittle. can I suggest you either call before 4 today and talk to Brendan or Wendy to arrange, or email and we can sort it out for you?

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