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Corporate and Special Projects

We offer a range of customisable services to help with your projects; both at home and at work.

Things for work like:

  • sewing a special ribbon for an opening ceremony (e.g. National Library, Arras Tunnel)
  • making a special felt board for a team project
  • hosting a team building workshop
  • film props and costumes
  • process mapping workshops – yes really! Because that’s what we did before we bought the shop!

Things for home and friends like:

  • turn your beautiful tapestry into a cushion cover
  • hosting a pre-wedding workshop (21st century speak for a hen party ;-))
  • bunting for a film or special event
  • a custom class for a group of friends – our Lampshade class is very popular for this

You get the idea – we are clever people who can make and do a wide range of things and we have the facilities on site to turn your request round fast. Just call us on 04 801 5850 or click here to send and email.