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The Lampshade Saga

Fabric lampshades are a fantastic way to add a pop of colour to a room. And they are easy to make yourself, too. We stock lampshade rings, made right here in New Zealand – NZ Made for The Win!! (Available in store and for out of towners, here)

Things have come a long way from the days when a lampshade was made from a wire frame. Today’s lampshades comprise two rings – one containing the ‘drop’ for holding it to the light fitting, and ‘styrene’, a stiff translucent plastic that provides rigidity to the body. This means you can make them any size or shape that can be had from your choice of rings, and that is plenty.

Of course I just had to have a go straight away, and my efforts are in the shop. I am happy to explain to anyone who wants to know how to do it, and for those who really want to be guided through the process, I’m holding regular classes. Check the Calendar!

All you need besides the rings is styrene, spray contact adhesive or mod podge and double sided tape. We have all of these supplies, of course!

As for the cover fabric, the world is your oyster! Light coloured, lightweight fabrics are best, as they let the light through best.

DSCF0168These are the results of our second class – eight fabulous lampshades in fabrics as diverse as their makers! And they all looked fab too.

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