Valentines – a time for friends and fun

Let’s face it, Valentines has been claimed by the jewellery shops and stationers as yet another way to take our money. But for them it’s all about ROMANCE. Well that is all very well, but not everyone has or needs or wants a significant other in their lives. And many who do find it all a bit tacky!

I am a big fan of the wider sense of Valentines Day, as a day to celebrate friendships and those people in our lives who don’t have to be there, they want to. Because friends rock! It’s a chance to give your BFF a cupcake or a chocolate you made yourself, because nothing says I love you like sugary treats, and for me, feeding people is always a way of showing affection.

So, I wanted to have a play with some simple, inexpensive cupcake ideas.

CC1These little guys are just fondant cut with a cookie cutter – I tried two and three combos. I like the three best, with the petals of the hearts interlaed like the top of a noodle box. A tiny sprinkle of glitter and tada! I added a few icing roses because I could but they look great either way.

CC3The little guys down on the right have blingy heart picks – I just cut individual hearts from the heart trim we sell (only $2.50m!), stuck them to toothpicks with the glue gun, and there you have it, a touch of bling!

BLINGSpeaking of bling, how much fun could you have with this stuff?!

Have fun!

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