Wreathed in Smiles!

Today (Saturday December 13, 2014) I took a group of friends through the fun of making their own Christmas wreaths. I showed them three different approaches, and they all opted to build their wreaths on a polystyrene base using what I call “tufting.”

I am blown away by the variety of results and how fantastic they all look. Same method, different choices of materials and textures and colours and we had five completely different wreaths.

These are so easy to do – you bind the wreath in coloured ribbon to hide the white, then using 10cm squares of our chosen material pin them onto the base through  the centres, in this case with an added sequin and a berry pin. A dab of hot glue on the base helps last the distance.

blue3A stunning combo of turquoise organza and silver net. This one was really hard to capture in a photo – in real life is shimmers and has so much more depth and texture!

white1Superb ivory and black – sisal net with little glitter pine cones and a fabulous Christmas ribbon backed up with some black. Simple but elegant!

trad2This simple use of green, red and white organza with berry and pinecone picks just sings of Christmas!

red1A lovely example of using one colour and different textures – red hessian, red tinsel and red glitter tulle, giving the wreath a gorgeous texture in real life that the photo doesn’t quite capture.

pretty1This one was inspired by the colours in the ribbon – hot pink, lime and turquoise. Organza and glitter tulle layered up, with the bonus addition of some led lights. SOOO pretty!

group2Here they all are, champion wreath constructors, justifiably proud of their work!

If you’d like to give it a go, come and see us, we can show you how and we have all the things you need to build a gorgeous wreath!

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